Kye Stevens meets Mateusz Antoniuk for the Amateur Welterweight Title

Kye Stevens meets Mateusz Antoniuk for the Amateur Welterweight Title

u170lbs Welterweight Amateur Title

Kye Stevens 3.1.0. (Gym 01) vs Mateusz Antoniuk 3.0.0. (Revolution Martial Arts)

What more do you want from a fight than two monsters on three fight win streaks who don’t know how to take a step backwards?

Portsmouth’s very own Kye Stevens has knocked out his last three opponents and has looked unstoppable doing it. Now he feels the rest of his skill set is catching up to his naturally aggressive fighting style and he knows he can give anyone a real fight when the cage door locks.

Standing across from Kye will be undefeated Polish sensation Mateusz Antoniuk. With a solid wrestling pedigree and heavy hands, this young man is no joke. At Shock n Awe 28 Mateusz put on a striking clinic which saw his opponent unable to come out for the second round.

With three minutes of hard work he earned the title shot which very few fighters have done before.

This has the potential for fight of the night for sure.

Ticket information below.

VIP Tables (Seat 10) £900.

Enjoy a VIP table with friends which is located on the stage and comes with a buffet during the interval and has it’s own VIP bar.

VIP Cage Side Seats £90 each.

A front row of just 20 seats around the cage just feet from the action with their own VIP bar.

Circle/Balcony Seating £40 each.

Encompassing the entire upstairs balcony, looking down on to the cage gives you a great view of the event.

Circle Seated Tickets £35 each.

Located behind the VIP tables and spanning the entire ground floor with four viewing screens at the front of the stage for a great view wherever the fight goes.

Tickets are available now from HERE.

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