Shock N Awe 29 Layout and Floorplan

Shock N Awe 29 Layout and Floorplan

Where will you be sitting come March 16th?

We’ve four tiers of seating to choose from and have changed things up from our last event so thought it best to familiarise you with the plan.

Stalls and upper stalls are located on the ground floor and will give you a real feel for the action as the fighters walk out through the seating on to the raised catwalk through the centre of the crowd before they enter the cage. You will have a great view of the cage and we’ve added two large screens to the front of the stage for a completely uninterrupted view of the action wherever the fights end up. These tickets are available for £35.

The circle seating encompasses the first floor and has completely uninterrupted views of the cage and screens. Get an almost birds eye view of the action from the main circle or side circle. These tickets are available at £40.

VIP Cageside seats are the closest you can get to the action without being in there. With just 20 available, currently they are 50% sold out. You will hear every punch, every kick and every call from the corners from these seats. Not only that, you’ll have your own VIP bar located on the stage for your convenience. These tickets are priced at £90.

VIP Tables seat 10 people and are located directly behind the VIP seating giving you the best of both worlds, the comfort of your own table to share with friends, while being as close to all the action as possible. Not only will you have access to the VIP bar, but we will also serve you a deluxe buffet o suitable only for a VIP during the break. These tables are priced at £900.

You can purchase all of your tickets direct from HERE and they all come with no booking or postage fees to pay.

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