Statement regards Youtube and Facebook uploads and live streams

Statement regards Youtube and Facebook uploads and live streams

Since DVD’s become unpopular we released all fights, from every show on to YouTube for everyone to be able to view.

Over the past few shows this has become increasingly difficult to do. You may have noticed that we have had to dub all entrance and background music. If we didn’t, our videos would either be muted or removed for copyright breaches. The man hours and cost to get these videos ready for Youtube is no longer something we can do. After Shock N Awe 28 we decided to only use licence free music for walk outs and in the background at the events so we could avoid this problem.

After much thought we have now decided against this. We started these events for fighters to have a platform to showcase their skills on, where they get fair matches and win, lose or draw they enjoy their experience. We also wanted to make a show for the fans, not just something for them to turn up and watch some fights but an event they would feel involved in. All of which we feel music plays a large part in. We didn’t create these events so we could get views on YouTube.

Recently on our smaller Contenders event we tried to do a facebook live stream as we have done for every Contenders show so everyone can watch the event. The stream was taken down by facebook so we went live again. We then received a warning that if we broadcast copyright material again we would be banned. This was again all over the entrance music that the fighters chose.

The only way to watch Contenders events in the future will be in person. If you can’t make it to one of our numbered shows, you can purchase the pay per view which has unlimited replays. For the immediate future these will be the only ways to watch our events. We will of course review this on a continuous basis, and if Facebook and Youtube review their policies then we will of course return to what we have been able to do for many previous events.

We look forward to delivering another packed event with lots of flames, ACDC, Metallica, Linkin Park, Guns n Roses and more when we see you on March 16th.

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