Shock N Awe 31 Event Cancellation Statement

Shock N Awe 31 Event Cancellation Statement

Following the most recent announcement by the Prime Minister we have had to take the unfortunate steps of cancelling Shock N Awe 31.

We were optimistic in March when we had to reschedule that a July date would be possible but with the announcement that possibly only some non essential businesses would be able to open in July this means the venue and of course the gyms where the competitors need to train would not be able to open in time for the event.

A major consideration as always would have been the spectator and staffs health and safety and holding an event of this size so soon to the peak of the pandemic would be irresponsible so we hope you all understand and support the decision.

We look forward to bringing you an event this year with a date to be confirmed.

Full refunds are available at your point of purchase. For those customers who bought directly from the website please e-mail with your booking e-mail. We will aim to respond within 48 hours.

Keep up to date with past events and fights on our YouTube channel and we will be back before you know it.

Thank you for everyone’s support, it goes a long way and we hope you are all keeping safe.

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