Where it all Began


Shock N Awe was founded in June 2009 by Gareth Johnson and Brian Adams.

 At the time, both ran fairly successful gyms (individually) and had an active base of fighters in Kickboxing and MMA. They found they were spending most of their time travelling around the country where the shows were not of a very high level, just so one or two of the members could compete.

It made sense for the two to combine their attributes and create a platform where fighters would actually enjoy taking part in a well run, professional show, which in turn would give the paying public, value for money.

The first Shock N Awe events were held at Ferneham Hall, Fareham where they quickly sold out after two shows at the 750 capacity venue.

The pair soon moved to Portsmouth’s Liquid and Envy nightclub but again, after only a few more events the venue would not have the capacity to hold the paying fans so another move was on the cards.

Meant to be nothing more than a local show, Shock N Awe was gaining recognition from media outlets, coaches, gyms and MMA fans alike and was being touted as the show to be on for anyone aspiring for the big shows.

With the word of Shock n Awe spreading, the events success began to snowball, each one got a bit bigger, and with a higher level of fighters now wanting to compete. Meaning by as early as the 7th event the pro mma card went from just 1 or 2 fights, to 8 to 10 pro fights every show.

Now approaching our 11th event we had to find another venue, and that left us with only one choice in Portsmouth, The Mountbatten Centre which Shock N Awe has called home ever since.

The philosophy for the show is still the same. Create an event that fighters who win or lose, will want to come back on time and time gain and you create a product that people will want to pay money to see.

Now recognised as one of the top events in the UK and having won various awards, Shock N Awe will continue to grow from strength to strength and will carrying on show casing some of the best talent in the UK and beyond.