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Heavyweight re-match 6 years in the making gets the green light as Dave Chamberlin seeks revenge over Sam Spokes at Shock N Awe 31

Heavyweight Pro MMASam Spokes 0.0.0. (Kenshiro & Umbra) vs Dave Chamberlin 0.0.0. (Combat Conditioning) Although Sam Spokes has been scheduled to fight on our next card for a few months, it’s been a struggle to find any heavyweights (without much more experience) interested in the fight. So after a long...

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World ranked number one and 2 x world champion Delyan Geogiev, makes his professional debut on march 28th against Noredine Nedjai

Feathwerweight (u145lbs) Pro MMA Noredine Nedjai 2.0.0. (Gym01) vs Delyan Georgiev 0.0.0. (BTT) What does your dream mixed martial arts debut look like? Whatever it is, it’s still not likely to match how Noredine Nedjai moved into the professional game. Two fights in one night, two slick submissions against solid...

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